Raiders Hitch Their Wagon To Gruden Fire GM McKenzie

The Oakland Raiders are in the midst of another losing season, less than a year after the franchise brought back Jon Gruden to lead them back into contention. What does this mean for Oakland Raiders betting odds? Find out below.

With Gruden signed to a 10-year $100 million deal, the Raiders decided the best move was to fire general manager Reggie McKenzie, who has been with the team since 2012 and is responsible for the team drafting Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and Khalil Mack.

Rumors of friction between Gruden and McKenzie began circulating shortly after the season started, but both men downplayed the rumors.

“We’re building this thing in concert together,” McKenzie said in late October. “I’m talking about me and Coach Gru. We’re doing this thing together.”

McKenzie also called the rumors of a rift with Jon Gruden comical.

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“You talked about pulling the strings, and you know, Gruden and I, we work together very well,” McKenzie said at the time. “Let’s make no mistakes about it. Him pushing me out, that’s not happening. Me not being able to work with Gruden, that’s furthest from the truth. OK? We work really well together.

“We’re in each other’s offices all the time. Talking about players, who’s up, who’s down. Who I would like to see play more. Practice squad guys. About moving this guy. Claiming this guy. Trading. Guys calling me about trading this guy — here’s what I think, what do you think?

“Moving forward, when you talk about the negativity that I hear is between me and Jon Gruden, there’s been times I want to make a statement and say, ‘Really?'”

With McKenzie out as general manager, Gruden is now the man in charge in Oakland and will continue to put his stamp on the roaster after getting rid of a lot of the players that were drafted by McKenzie. One thing is for sure, Raiders fans better hope he has better luck than he did when he was in charge in Tampa Bay.

What does this mean for Jon Gruden and Oakland Raiders betting? Next season will tell.

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