Michael Irvin Takes Hall of Fame’s Side In Owens Saga

What does Michael Irvin think of Terrell Owens? In the 2018 Hall of Fame saga Owens is going to be a no-show. Today we breakdown Hall of Fame speeches.

Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens made headlines a couple of weeks ago. He announced that he wouldn’t attend his induction ceremony in Canton. This led to the Hall of Fame announcing that they will not acknowledge the receiver during the ceremony.

The decision by the Hall of Fame drew some criticism. This is because it seemed to validate Owens’ complaints about the way he was treated by the Hall of Fame selection committee. Which made him wait three years to be inducted, despite finishing his career as one of the best receivers in league history.

Former Cowboys receiver and fellow Hall of Famer, Michael Irvin, agrees with the Hall of Fame’s decision not to acknowledge Owens.

“We can’t spend this moment for all these other guys talking about the guy that is not here,” the Hall of Fame wide receiver said Saturday at the National Fantasy Football Convention. “You cannot do that and take that away. He’s doing his own thing wherever he’s doing his own thing, and God bless him. And when they mention the class they’ll mention him, but why should you steal those other guys’ moment because of the decision of this one?

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2018 Hall of Fame Speech

“I think it’s the right move. They’re not saying he’s not going to have a bust in the room. Not saying he’s not getting his jacket. What they’re saying, ‘We’re honoring his wish. He doesn’t want to be here with us, we’re going to mention him as little as possible.’ I think it’s the right move.”

Irvin added that he was disappointed with Owens’ decision. A lot of people worked hard to get him in to the Hall of Fame. What do you think?

“I’m also disappointed. This is because, you know, we fought for T.O. It wasn’t like T.O. had said that it didn’t matter, ‘I don’t care about being in the Hall,’ or, ‘I don’t care about that at all.’ Then everybody wouldn’t have invested emotions and feelings into it and we did. … We talked about it, tried to get him in. We talked about it on air because he rightfully belongs in there. Then he gets in and he makes that decision, I was absolutely disappointed about it.”

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