Best NFL Betting Sites

Welcome to this year’s list of the best NFL betting sites for 2018 to bet on NFL online. Want to bet on NFL online this season? Also, want to learn how to bet on NFL online including the 2018-19 NFL playoffs?  In addition, at we have done the hard work for you. The below reviewed online sportsbooks are the best NFL betting sites online for NFL wagering.

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Betting Site
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Highest Rated

Best NFL Betting Sites5 Star Sportsbook5/5

MyBookie Betting Site

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Top NFL Wagering SitesThird Best Betting Site3.5/5

BOVADA Betting Site

Bet Bovada Online SportsbookUS Players Welcome

  • $250 Signup Bonus
  • NFL Prop Bets
  • US Players Accepted
NFL Betting SitesGood Sportsbook for NFL Betting2.5/5

BETNOW Betting Site

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  • Live NFL Betting

Top NFL Betting Sites

Here at you will find reviews and exclusive sportsbook bonuses for the top NFL betting sites. From betting on NFL regular season, to NFL Futures bets, you have come to the right online betting site.

How to Bet on NFL Online

If you are new to NFL online betting  here’s what you need to know how to bet on NFL online. Betting on NFL games at the best NFL betting sites is pretty simple. The hardest part is just choosing a sportsbook.

Point Spread Wagers

Betting with the points is the most common form of betting that you’ve probably seen on TV or heard in movies. This involves you not just predicting the win or loss outcome of a NFL game, but rather what the point differential in the game is going to be. For example, if somebody says “Take the Patriots minus 7.5 points” this means they are saying that the Patriots will win. They will win by more than 7.5 points.

If you see a plus sign before the points that means the team can lose less than that many points or just win the game outright for you to win your wager. For example, “Take the Seahawks plus 7.5 points” means that the Seahawks can lose the game by no more than 7.5 points or they can win the game and you win your wager. Are you confused yet? It’s pretty simple and comfortability will come with practice. So you can bet on NFL online at these top sportsbooks for US and Canadian bettors.

Types of NFL Betting

Moneyline Wagers

Moneyline bets are the easiest bets to make. In short, you are just betting on whether a team wins or loses a game. That’s it! Because you are taking less of a risk just betting on the winner or loser of a game, the payout is also less than what it would be if you tried betting with the points (Point Spread Wager). Typically payout odds for a moneyline wager are -110. This means you would have to bet $110 in order to make a profit of $100. Of course you can bet as little as a $1 at most of the best NFL betting sites, this is just an example.

Total Over/Under Wagers

Total Over/Under bets are the least common in sports betting in comparison to Point Spread and Moneyline betting. With these bets you are not really cheering for one team over another, but rather both teams combined score to be Over or Under a predetermined amount. If you see that the Total projected Over/Under of the Patriots and Seahawks game is 42.5 points, then that means oddsmakers expect the teams to combine for a total 42 points and you can bet on whether the total score will be below or above that number.

Best NFL Live Betting Sportsbooks

Live Betting NFL Sites

For our more advanced NFL bettors you might be looking for sportsooks that allow you to bet live during NFL games. We’ve found that Bovada is the best sportsbook for NFL live betting during games. This means if you can bet on whether the next play is going to be a Pass Play, Run Play, Interception, etc. Live betting on NFL games can become pretty addictive so it’s good to keep your bets to a minimum of $1. When it comes to live betting NFL it’s best practiced while betting on a game that you are actually watching or attending.

Best NFL Betting Sites 2018

Where to Place Bets Online

There are a lot of online sports betting sites to pick from. This is why we get asked a lot on where to place bets online. We’ve done our part to make it easy for you selecting an online sportsbook. From live NFL beting, to a NFL gambling app, these sites have it all. The above online sportsbook rankings are based on player payout times and sportsbook bonuses. In addition to, types of wagers, deposit options, and website ease of use. Nobody wants to bet on a website that was created 20 years ago so that is why we make sure the websites we review are up to date, mobile friendly, and have easy navigation. The top three sportsbooks we recommend are MyBookie, Bovada, and the BetNow sports betting site for NFL games. For information on how to bet on the NFL you can read our NFL betting guide.

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Cassius Marsh Takes Dig At New England Patriots

Last season, veteran defensive end Cassius Marsh was traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the New England Patriots, which he didn’t mind because he felt it provided him with an opportunity to win a Super Bowl. Perhaps Super Bowl 2019?

After nine weeks in New England, Marsh was released by the Patriots and signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

In a recent interview, Marsh said he felt miserable playing for Bill Belichick and the Patriots, and considered walking away from football.

“They don’t have fun there. There’s nothing fun about it. There’s nothing happy about it. I didn’t enjoy any of my time there, you know what I’m saying?” Marsh told the San Francisco Chronicle’s Eric Branch. “It made me for the first time in my life think about not playing football because I hated it that much.”

New England Patriots News 2018-19

Betting News for New England Patriots
Some of Marsh’s problem with Belichick was the way he was being used. In Seattle he was primarily a pass rusher, but in New England, they moved him around a lot and sometimes had him in coverage. As many fans of NFL online betting will agree, the Patriots are always favored.

“They asked me to do a bunch of stuff that I had never done: covering running backs and receivers and basically almost never rushing the passer, which is what I did in playing defensive line,” Marsh said. “I confronted [Belichick] about all the things that were going on. Won’t get into detail, but it was B.S. things they were doing. I just wasn’t a fan. And so I, basically, without asking to get cut, I kind of asked to get cut.”

In six games with the 49ers, Cassisu March had two sacks. Wwas double his effort in nine games with the Patriots, and also forced two fumbles.

His effort was rewarded by the 49ers, who gave him a two-year, $7.7 million contract extension in February.

“Hopefully I’ll be a Niner forever,” Marsh said.

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Cowboys Terrance Williams Arrest Takes Bizarre Turn

.Last week, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams was arrested. Also, Williams was charged with public intoxication after police responded to an accident involving his car. The Police found Williams riding an electric bicycle on a road close to his home. What does this mean for the Dallas Cowboys moving forward?

The Frisco Police Department said Williams’ Lamborghini left a roadway.  The car struck a light pole near the team’s practice facility around 4:45 a.m. The department added that the driver had left the scene. They later found Williams on the bicycle while they were investigating the crash.

Williams issued a statement through his attorney apologizing for his actions.

Terrance Williams Season Stats Projection

“I am grateful that no one was injured in the accident,” Williams said. “The driver in front of me slammed on his brakes. Turned to the left and hopped the curb to avoid hitting him. I got his insurance information and my neighbor picked me up when my car wouldn’t drive. I live right near where the accident occurred. My neighbor dropped me off and I called a tow truck and took the scooter from my house to go meet the tow truck driver.”

Terrance Williams Dallas Cowboys
“The police officer, who I have met in the past in the neighborhood, saw me on the scooter and arrested me without performing any sobriety tests. I have always been an upstanding citizen and handled the situation the best way I know how. I apologize if I should have handled it a little bit differently.”

A few days after issuing the statement confirming he was driving the car, the Frisco Police Department said Williams told them that Minnesota Vikings receiver Kendall Wright was responsible for the accident, adding that he was home when he was informed of the accident and that Wright was on his way to a club.

When asked if Williams will be disciplined by the team, head coach Jason Garrett said, “It’s an ongoing investigation, so I have no further comment,” Garrett said. “I really don’t have any comment about what he and I have talked about, but he’s been in our building the last couple of days working out. He hasn’t practiced because he’s coming off the injury, but he’s working out and he’s a part of our team.”

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Seahawks Players Question Pete Carroll

Former Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril  was released by the team due to health issues earlier this month. He says some of the players “began questioning” head coach Pete Carroll. His play calling after the team’s infamous last-minute Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots.

During an appearance on an NFL Network podcast. Avril said he believes the Seahawks would have won at least one more Super Bowl.  If Carroll had decided to run the ball instead of calling the pass play. Which was intercepted by Malcolm Butler, which sealed the win for the Patriots.

The Seahawks were down four points. However, they had marched down to the New England 1-yard line with 26 seconds remaining. Instead of giving the ball to bruising running back Marshawn Lynch. Carroll elected to pass the ball. This ended up getting intercepted by Butler. Can Pete Carroll be replaced?

“I do think the team would have bought in more to what Coach Carroll was saying,” Avril said, “instead of going the opposite way of, ‘Hey, this is what we thought the foundation of the team was.’ That’s not what happened in that particular play.

Seahawks Super Bowl 2019 Odds

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl 2019 Odds

Super Bowl 53 is still quite aways, however it’s never too early for Super Bowl 2019 odds.

“So I think guys started questioning him more, more so than actually following his lead if we would have won that Super Bowl.”

Avril comments confirmed reports of locker room dysfunction that were coming out of the Seahawk’s camp last season.

“The situation sucked regardless of who took the blame,” Avril said. “It’s just the fact that we were so close and we weren’t able to get it, so I think a lot of guys got turned off by the message.”

“Sometimes it’s tough, because two [championships] is better than one, obviously,” he said. “You think about what could have happened. If we win that Super Bowl, I think we probably would have won another one within the two years that went by.”

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Robert Griffin III Not Worried About Lamar Jackson Taking Job

After a year out of football, Robert Griffin III got another chance to prove he can still play.  The Baltimore Ravens signed him to backup Joe Flacco. However Lamar Jackson may change plans.

If Flacco struggled this season Griffin was expected to step up and try to lead the team to wins. Flacco struggled last season.

However, Griffin’s chances of becoming the team’s quarterback took a hit when they drafted Louisville’s Lamar Jackson in the first round of the NFL Draft. With three quarterbacks on the roster, Griffin’s spot is no longer guaranteed, but the quarterback isn’t letting it bother him.

“When they drafted Lamar, I didn’t look at it as a shot at me or a shot at Joe,” Griffin told USA Today’s Mike Jones. “It was ‘OK, Lamar is coming in here, and it’s our job to help him learn the offense and help him compete.’ So, for me, my job is to show them that I’m an asset to the team and not a detriment.”

Robert Griffin Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Betting Odds

Despite the fact that both players will be competing for the same job when they start training c amp, Griffin seems to be open to the idea of mentoring Jackson and showing him the ropes, and also shut down rumors that he was using his time with the Ravens to showcase for other teams. The San Francisco 49ers also took a shot at signing RG 3.

“One [reporter] asked me if I was trying to showcase for other teams,” Griffin said. “No, my focus is, ‘I’m a Baltimore Raven. I’m showcasing to them that this is where I’m supposed to be.'”

“I look at myself as an old, young guy,” Griffin said. “I’m 28, so I’m still young. But I’ve been around the block. I feel like the chips have been stacked against me numerous times throughout my life — not just my career. The biggest thing I learned last year was, whatever your first instinct is to do when you are faced with an obstacle, when you face a challenge in life, that’s who you are.

“I feel like I’m a fighter. My first instinct is to continue to keep swinging, continue to keep trying, perfect my craft as best I can.”

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Oakland Raiders News

In the latest Oakland Raiders news we tackle all things Raider Nation. We will also preview Super Bowl 53 odds. This time last year, the Oakland Raiders were the talk of the Bay Area.  Raiders were considered Super Bowl contenders after going 12-4 during the 2016 season. However, injuries and high expectations proved to be too much for the Raiders to handle.  They went 6-10 and missed the playoffs.

Disappointed with the way the season went, the Raiders fired head coach Jack Del Rio, and brought back former head coach Jon Gruden to lead the team back to the playoffs. Their current odds to win the Super Bowl is +3000.

Talent wise, the Raiders have what it takes to get back into the playoffs this season, but with Gruden making his return to the league after almost a decade in the Monday Night Football booth, it may take a while for him to get up to speed with the new NFL.

Quarterback Derek Carr had a down year last season, but since he was still dealing with the fallout of his season ending injury in 2016, he is expected to report to camp fully healthy this season, which should make his teammates happy.

Oakland Raiders Super Bowl 53 Odds

Oakland Raiders News Super Bowl 53 Odds
Many have the New England Patriots as early Super Bowl 53 odds favorites. However, the Raiders may surprise some people. Further to, Oakland Raiders news reports have Amari Cooper projected to have a bounce back season. He enters the final two years of his rookie contract. According to Carr, Cooper also dealt with some injury issues last season, which explains his underwhelming performance last year.

The running back position is something the Raiders still have to address. Last season, they were able to convince Marshawn Lynch to come out of retirement and signed him to a two-year deal. However, Lynch wasn’t as effective as they had hoped, finishing the season with 891 yards and seven touchdowns.

They will be hoping Lynch is more effective this season.

Oakland’s defense also has a few holed that need to be filled. They still have some holes at linebacker, and their secondary was a liability last year.
If Gruden can get the players to buy into his system, there’s no reason the Raiders can’t get back into the playoffs, especially since they will be playing in a wide open AFC West this season.

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Betting on the San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers finished the 2017 season with a 6-10 record.  Heading into the 2018 season, they are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl, at +1500. Betting on the San Francisco 49ers might seem like a risky bet but it is not. With Jimmy Garoppolo taking over as the starting quarterback the future looks bright.

The reason so many people are high on the 49ers is the fact that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.  He was acquired from the New England Patriots at the trade deadline, led the team to a 5-0 record.  With wins over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Los Angeles Rams and Tennessee Titans, who made the playoffs last year.

With Garoppolo signing a long-term contract during the offseason. The 49ers didn’t have to take a quarterback with their first pick.  They used the pick to address one of their biggest concerns, their offensive line.

49ers believe they have their quarterback of the future in Garoppolo, they still have a few issues to fix. Before they can honestly be considered contenders.

Betting on San Francisco 49ers Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo Begins New Chapter

The 49ers let Carlos Hyde walk as a free agent, and picked up former Minnesota Vikings backup running back Jerick McKinnon, an undersized running back with 14 starts in four seasons.

McKinnon is expected to flourish in head coach Mike Shanahan’s offense as a receiving back, but the team still needs a bruiser that can get the tough yards up the middle.

San Francisco’s biggest offseason acquisition was former Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman, who is coming off an Achilles injury and likely won’t be as good as he was in Seattle.

Linebacker Rueben Foster’s legal situation is also something that will have an impact on San Francisco’s success this season. If he is convicted of the charges he is accused of, general manager John Lynch said the team will release him.  Ff that happens, the team will lose one of its best defenders.

The Los Angeles Rams going into Super Bowl or bust mode.  Also, the Arizona Cardinals expected to be better.  The 49ers probably won’t finish better than 8-8 this season.

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Green Bay Packers Wagering

In today’s NFL team season preview we cover current Green Bay Packers wagering odds for the upcoming 2018-19 NFL season. Since the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2010 they have been considered contenders to win the NFC. However, have fallen short over the years because they have been overly reliant on quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Currently most NFL sites for online betting have the Packers as +1200 to win the Super Bowl.

Last season Rodgers suffered a serious injury. The injury forced him to miss most of the season.  The Packers were exposed and managed only three wins without Rodgers in the lineup.

This year, the Packers will have a healthy Rodgers. However, the team might still struggle because of some of the offseason moves they made. Their odds to win the Super Bowl are  currently +1200.

One of the biggest changes the Packers made this offseason was to release wide receiver Jordy Nelson.  Nelson had 53 receptions for 482 yards and six touchdowns last season. Previously, he had gained 1,257 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Nelson had 290 yards and six touchdowns in the five games he played with Rodgers before the quarterback was injured.  Nelson would likely have been the team’s top receiver if Rodgers had stayed healthy.

2018 Green Bay Packers Wagering

NFL Sites for Online Betting

If you agree with the current Green Bay Packers wagering odds at the top NFL online betting sites then you can place Futures now.

Now, Nelson is in Oakland and the Packers will be hoping Davante Adams can fill the void left by the former Pro Bowler.

The good news for Rodgers and the Packers is they might finally have an effective running game this season. Last year, the team had a revolving door at the position, but they were able to rush for 1,700 yards and 13 touchdowns. You can find this information plus more about NFL betting here.

Obviously, Rodgers’ absence and Brett Hundley’s inexperience forced the team to run the ball more than they usually do, but they will need to continue running the ball this season to avoid putting too much pressure on Rodgers.

Defensively, the Packers gave up the third most points in the NFC, and they tried addressing their defensive issues through the NFL Draft.

With a young defense and shaky offensive line, as well as the Minnesota Vikings loading up their team, it will be impressive if the Packers win 10 games next season.


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Philadelphia Eagles Season Preview

Today in our ongoing effort to bring you 2018 season previews we look at the Eagles. In this Philadelphia Eagles season preview you will see what it will take to repeat. In addition, we will cover current Eagles betting odds for Super Bowl 2019. The Philadelphia Eagles surprised a lot of people last season by winning the Super Bowl, a year after going 7-9. The Eagles finished the 2017 season 13-3, tied for the best record in the NFL.  They made their Super Bowl run with Nick Foles filling in for Carson Wentz.  Wentz suffered a season-ending injury late in the season.

Despite last season’s success, the Eagles have the second best odds of winning the Super Bowl (8-1). Then the New England Patriots, the team they defeated in the Super Bowl. They will have a tougher time winning the Super Bowl this season because they will not be able to sneak up on teams like they did last year.  Eagles will likely get every opponent’s best effort every game they play during the season.

So, can the Eagles repeat as NFC East and Super Bowl 2019 champions?

The simple answer to that is yes.

Philadelphia Eagles Betting Odds Super Bowl 53

Philadelphia Eagles Season Preview 2018
The NFC East will be tougher  with the Dallas Cowboys expected to bounce back from their disappointing 9-7 season. The Cowboys will have Ezekiel Elliott for the entire season, after losing him for six games last season, which became a big distraction.

The Redskins feel they upgraded their quarterback position by trading for Alex Smith. However they still have a lot of question marks at the wide receiver position, and inconsistency at the running back position to be considered contenders in the division.

The New York Giants only won two games last season, but they are optimistic about their chances this season with the addition of Saquon Barkley, who was taken with the second pick in the draft, and a healthy Odell Beckham Jr. However, their offensive line is still a liability and their defense has a lot of holes, which will make it difficult for them to win the division.

With the Eagles, Wentz is expected back at some point this season.  Foles, who was the Super Bowl MVP, showed that he is capable of leading the team if needed. They will also be returning a lot of their core players, which makes them the most dangerous team in the division.

In the playoffs, home field advantage and experience make a world of difference. If the Eagles finish with the best record in the NFC, they will have a good chance of repeating. Thus concludes out 2018 Eagles betting odds review.

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Terrell Owens Calls Out Jason Garrett

Things continue to get worse for the Dallas Cowboys. In today’s Dallas Cowboys season preview we agree with Owens. Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens is not happy. Let’s not forget the that antics prevented Owens from being selected as a first ballot hall of famer. Can’t figure out why Jerry Jones hasn’t fired head coach Jason Garrett.  Garrett only has two playoff appearances in his eight seasons as the team’s coach.

“When you really look at it, it doesn’t make sense for Jason Garrett to have his job,” Owens said. “[The Cowboys are] not really expanding or progressing even as a team under his coaching tenure there.”

Owens has a valid point. Garrett is the second-longest-tenured coach in team history. This is behind Tom Landry, has a 68-55 record since becoming the head coach. Garrett was handed a playoff ready team and only had two appearances which is not impressive.

Terrell Owens Previews Dallas Cowboys 2018 Season

Dallas Cowboys Season Preview

The fact that more successful coaches like Jimmy Johnson, who led the team to two Super Bowls, and Bill Parcells.  They ended the team’s post Big Three playoff drought, were fired.  In spite of leading Dallas to more success than Garrett has, makes it even more surprising that he still has his job.

One of the reasons Garrett hasn’t been able to advance far in the playoffs is the fact that he blames the players when things go wrong.

“At the end of the day, how can you keep allowing the players to be the scapegoat for what’s not happening” Owens said. “They’re supposed to direct and lead the team to where it hasn’t gotten in a number of years, and they’ve pretty much been in a standstill under coach Jason Garrett.

“… It all boils down to players being the scapegoat for his inability to lead the team as he should. For me, it’s mind-boggling. I don’t understand. And I think Jerry — again, he’s the owner at the end of the day, he has to feel good with himself about the decisions — but I just don’t understand why this guy [Garrett] still has a job.”

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