NFL News Updates Coronavirus

Firstly, NFL news updates gives $3 Million to help Black Communities with Coronavirus. In a move to assist Black communities that have been affected by the coronavirus. The NFL, through its Inspire Change platform. Also, the Players Coalition will donate more than $3 million to seven of the United States’ most significantly impacted markets.

Secondly, the money is expected to go to health systems. Also, hospitals and nonprofit organizations in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, which are among the hardest-hit cities, along with the states of Florida and Louisiana.

Even though COVID-19 has caused worldwide suffering. Prompting countries to take unprecedented action to try to slow its spread, data shows that African Americans are being infected and dying as a result of the virus at rates disproportionate to their numbers in state populations.

Former NFL wide receiver Anquan Boldin, a co-founder of the Players Coalition and a key member of the NFL player-owner social justice working group, said the situation requires that people in a position to help do all they can.

Latest NFL News Updates Regarding Coronavirus

NFL News Updates Coronvavirus

“We continue to see the same things over and over, with the way our minority and low-income communities struggle even more in difficult times like this,” Boldin said on the phone.

“Just the disparities in the ways that we are treated and the resources that are available to us. And now with something as horrible as this, with COVID-19, you want to get involved. You want to try to help out any way that you can. That’s where we are as a coalition.”

Therefore, “There’s a tendency [among some] to always try to downplay that part of it [things that put an increased burden on communities of color],” said Boldin. A three-time Pro Bowl selection, a Super Bowl champion and the 2015 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year.

In conclusion, “You see these people on TV talking about washing your hands for 20 seconds. Staying away from other people. But what about those people who don’t have running water? What if you don’t have the space to stay away? It’s not that easy for a lot of people. They need help.”

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