Matt Nagy Offensive Scheme

Wondering what the Matt Nagy offensive scheme is going to be this season?

The Chicago Bears brought in former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles. This to challenge Mitch Trubisky. For the starting quarterback position after he struggled with consistency last season.

While most people would be upset that the team brought in someone to potentially replace them, Bears head coach Matt Nagy said Trubisky has handled the situation well and is embracing the competition. How will the Matt Nagy offensive scheme play out this season?

“(Trubisky) has been really, really good in the fact that he’s taken this head-on,” Nagy said. “He’s accepted it. He understands it. We’re all so competitive, but we’re human, too. There is a realness to the fact that ‘OK, you’re going to bring somebody else in here and have me compete’ initially it’s probably a shock. But then after that, it’s like, ‘let’s go.'”

Pros of Matt Nagy Offensive Scheme

Matt Nagy Offensive Scheme

Since the Bears declined to pick up Trubisky’s fifth-year option. A lot of people expect Foles to win the starting job. However, Nagy said Trubisky will get a legit shot to keep the job.

Time will tell.

“That’s the part that we as coaches say you know what this is how we’re going to make the Bears better,” Nagy said. “We’re going to have competition throughout our entire team. There are other competitions going on right now. Obviously, this is the focal point, and these guys have been great. I’m excited to see how it goes when we get to training camp, and we get to the preseason games and then to the season. They’ll both handle it really well. Again, when you’re honest with people, it makes things in life so much easier. These guys are competitors, and they’re good people. They’re going to make it work.”

Even if Foles wins the starting job, there is a good possibility that Trubisky will get some playing time this season because he hasn’t been very durable during his career.

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