Odell Beckham Bashes Giants

As you may have read from the title, Odell Beckham bashes the Giants. Again. Whilst praising the new Cleveland Browns as the best thing in the NFL.

Since he was traded to the Cleveland Browns this offseason, former New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has had a few things to say about his former team. Mostly negative. Actually, all negative.

In an interview with Complex, Beckham said it was necessary to move on from New York. For the reason that he didn’t feel like he could maximize his potential as a member of the Giants.

“I just felt with the Giants I was just stuck at a place that wasn’t working for me anymore,” Beckham said. “I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to reach my full potential there. Mentally, physically, spiritually, everything I felt capable of doing, I just couldn’t see it happening there. So I think allowing me to be in an environment where I can be myself . Also, give it a different approach, I feel like my football will benefit. I’m just excited about being able to play football again and not have to deal with all the other stuff and politics that came with my previous role.”

Cleveland Browns Embrace Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham Cleveland Browns Giants

Furthermore, Beckham also said the culture in Cleveland is better. This, compared to New York and expressed excitement about playing with former LSU teammate and fellow wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

“They’ve got players over there who I just know I’m gonna click with,” Beckham told Complex. “Jarvis is a brother of mine, and we dreamed of this moment. It’s just crazy that it’s actually happening. The percentage of people that make it to the NFL is less than 1%, so the chances of me playing with one of my brothers on the same team is a dream manifested, for sure.”

Secondly, in preparation for his sixth NFL season, Beckham said he is staying away from social media until July.

“I’ve been waiting to explode in games, and I’ve been working extremely hard [to take] my game to the next level,” he said. “That’s exactly what I think I can do at the Browns.”

In conclusion, both Odell and the Browns have work to do. It is far too early to crown them. Also, it is far too soon to bash the New York Giants.

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