Julio Jones And Devonta Freeman Expected To Miss Entire Preseason

In breaking Atlanta Falcons news. Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman are expected to miss entire preseason. What does this mean for Falcons odds? Nothing, it’s preseason.

The Atlanta Falcons kept All Pro wide receiver Julio Jones and running back Devonta Freeman out of the team’s first two preseason games. However, fans expected to see them in at least one of the team’s final preseason games. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case. Poor Falcons fans.

Head coach Dan Quinn told reporters that neither Jones nor Freeman will play in the team’s third preseason game. This all but eliminates them from participating in the preseason because starters generally don’t play in the final preseason game.

The decision to hold both players out is strange. This is because neither player is injured and have been participating team practices. Before their first two preseason games. Both players were in uniform and participated in pre-game drills, but didn’t play in either game.

Also, according to Quinn, holding both players out of the preseason games was part of the plan all along, and it’s “likely” they won’t play the rest of the preseason.

Atlanta Falcons Injury Update

Julio Jones Devonta Freeman Atlanta Falcons

“Really had the plan of going through the spring. Based on some of their injury history, I knew we wanted to ramp their work up on [training] camp but maybe not give them the reps in the game,” Quinn said. “That’s the plan we kind of set out with and stayed true to that. If there was something that I felt they needed, then I would adjust that. But right now, that’s where we’re headed.” You can check out the latest Atlanta Falcons betting odds here.

Quinn also isn’t worried the players will be rusty when the regular season starts after not seeing any action in the preseason. Without Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman the Atlanta Falcons are troubled.

In conclusion, the Atlanta Falcons need help. “I’m not concerned, but I recognize the question, for sure,” Quinn said. “So it’s kind of like the trade off to say, ‘Can they practice at the high enough speed that we can get them ready to go?’ In those two instances, I think that’s the case — that we can. If I had concerns that we wouldn’t be able to do or I felt like it was worth [playing them], I certainly would.”

Do you think Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman are fantasy draft material?

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