Do The Pittsburgh Steelers Need LeVeon Bell?

Do The Pittsburgh Steelers Need LeVeon Bell? The Pittsburgh Steelers were unable to come to terms on a new deal with running back Le’Veon Bell. This forced the team to use their franchise tag on him for the second consecutive year. Bell, who wasn’t happy about the team not meeting his contract demands. He refused to sign the franchise tag and hasn’t reported to the team since the end of last season.

Bell’s absence cause a rift with his teammates. Steelers who questioned his desire to be with the team and for letting them down. His absence also caused many to wonder if the Steelers will be ab le to make a deep playoff run without one of the best playmakers in the league.

With LeVeon Bell refusing to report to the team, the Steelers decided to go James Conner, whom they drafted last season but got limited playing time behind Bell.

Conner started in Bell’s place against the Cleveland Browns in their season opener and the second-year man looked good. Conner finished the game with 135 yards and two touchdowns on 31 carries. He also had five receptions for 57 yards.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Leveon Bell

Leveon Bell might be out of a job. With Conner looking impressive against a good Browns defense, many fans took to social media to praise their young running back and tell the team to let Bell walk. Since Conner has started only one game, it is still too early to tell if he can fill Bell’s shoes, but Steelers fans believe he can and don’t see any reason for the team to pay Bell’s asking price.

Since the NFL season is still young and injuries do happen, the Steelers are better off taking a wait and see approach. If Conner continues to play well and stays healthy, the Steelers won‘t need Bell anymore and can try to sign and trade him for some compensation. They can also keep him around for insurance if Conner gets hurt, but they will lose him in free agency and won’t get anything back in return.

In conclusion, one thing that’s for sure in the situation is the better Conner plays, the less leverage Bell has when it comes to his contract negotiations with the Steelers. LeVeon Bell needs to sign.

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