Jacksonville Jaguars’ Telvin Smith Taking Time Off

Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith surprised his teammates and fans when he announced that he would be taking the 2019 NFL season off to spend more time with his family and for his health. However, he did not rule out a return to the league in 2020.

“It was said to me from a great coach, that in order for the man to be his best, he must get his world in order,” Smith’s post read. “At this time I must take time away from this game & get my world in order. I must give this time back to myself, my family, & my health. I appreciate the support I will & will not get. I just ask y’all respect my decision to not play football this season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. I know the rumors of trade talk came about, but I started my career in Jacksonville & the day I do decided [sic] to call it quits it will be right here in Duval. I love y’all & even in my time off it’s #10toesdwn ya feel me!!! Love!”

After hearing the news, head coach Doug Marrone told reporters that he and the rest of the team were behind Telvin Smith.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Telvin Smith

“I kind of put football to the side,” Marrone said after the first day of the Jaguars’ rookie minicamp. “I think that [football], to me, is an afterthought right now. I really believe in my heart that Telvin knows that we’re here to support him in any which way — not just myself, the coaches, the organization, his teammates, and I’m sure he’s aware of that.

While his coaches and teammates respected his decision, some fans weren’t happy about the news and criticized Smith on social media. On Saturday, Smith lashed out at his critics, telling them there is more to life than football.

“Why is it so crazy I, Telvin Smith, want to step away from the game?” Smith said. “Y’all just chill. Everything’s solid, you feel me? Stop going crazy. It’s getting aggravating. You feel me? Football ain’t everything. Y’all better wake the f— up.” How will Jacksonville Jaguars fans respond?

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