Roger Goodell Looking For Gambling Regulations From Congress

Looking for news on legal NFL betting? How about the latest on gambling regulations? After the Supreme Court ruled that states could legalize sports betting if Congress refuses to do so. Many NFL fans were excited. This is because they will be able to legally bet on games. One person that wasn’t happy about the decision was NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Roger asked Congress for a standardization across all states that chose to legalize sports betting.

In the past, the NFL had distanced itself from any affiliation with gambling, and the organization was one of the co-defendants in the case, Christie vs. NCAA, which challenged the 25-year ban.

In an earlier meeting this year, the league and owners debated the possible impacts of an overturned ban. Now that states are allowed to legalize sports betting, Goodell and the NFL are trying to seek the most advantageous, and lucrative, opportunities now available, with sports betting expected to generate billions in revenue.

Legal NFL Betting

Legal NFL Betting Gambling Regulations

In a Statement released on Monday regarding gambling regulations, Goodell said:

“As it was for my predecessors, there is no greater priority for me as the Commissioner of the National Football League than protecting the integrity of our sport. Our fans, our players and our coaches deserve to know that we are doing everything possible to ensure no improper influences affect how the game is played on the field. This week’s ruling by the Supreme Court has no effect on that unwavering commitment.”

What does this mean for legal NFL betting?

Goodell also asked Congress to “Enact uniform standards for states that choose to legalize sports betting that include, at a minimum, four core principles:

1. There must be substantial consumer protections;

2. Sports leagues can protect our content and intellectual property from those who attempt to steal or misuse it;

3. Fans will have access to official, reliable league data; and

4. Law enforcement will have the resources, monitoring and enforcement tools necessary to protect our fans and penalize bad actors here at home and abroad.”

In conclusion, doesn’t look like legal NFL betting is coming soon.

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